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UA - University Commitment

  • The teaching institution commits to teach a degree-level, term-long course or series of courses focusing on MEMS (micro electro mechanical systems) technology, including Sandia's SUMMiT™ technology and design, once every two years per the license, using Sandia's MEMS Short Course materials and Sandia MEMS design software. The teaching institution agrees that the Sandia MEMS design and visualization software will be the primary design tool set presented in the course(s). Courses in which the main topic of the course is not MEMS, or courses in which Sandia's software is not the primary design tool set, will not meet this requirement.
  • The site license for the software is for use only during the term of the courses by the course instructor and by students enrolled in the course. Courses that allow independent study for students as a follow-on to formal classes are permissible. If the teaching institution declines to offer or otherwise decides to discontinue course(s) teaching the SUMMiT™ Technology and design, all Sandia MEMS software must be returned to Sandia with certification that it has been removed from all teaching institution machines. Sandia will provide the university with a credit equal to $5000 towards the purchase of a single seat license agreement for any Sandia MEMS Design Software.
  • The teaching institution will designate and support a Superuser. The Superuser is the point of contact for inquiries from university course enrollees on SUMMiT™ technology and design. Sandia will provide the training for the Superuser through the Sandia MEMS Introductory Short Course and Sandia MEMS Advanced Design Short Course, and will provide technical assistance to the Superuser (for example, software support, or responses to technology questions). Only the Superuser may contact Sandia for technical assistance. The teaching institution agrees to pay for all expenses other than tuition, so the Superuser can travel to Sandia for training in the Short Courses. If the teaching institution replaces the original Superuser with a subsequent Superuser, the university will pay all expenses including travel and tuition for the new Superuser to attend both the Sandia MEMS Introductory Short Course and Sandia MEMS Advanced Design Short Course.
  • In the interest of maintaining an ongoing, successful relationship with Sandia, the teaching institution will provide feedback to Sandia regarding the instruction of the course, including feedback for improvements to SUMMiT™ technology, its use, and the use of the associated software.

The fine print: the information provided on this site is intended only as an overview of the Sandia MEMS University Alliance, and shall not be construed as an offer or binding agreement. Specific, binding terms and conditions are listed in the formal license agreement available from Sandia National Laboratories.

Contact MEMS at Sandia: memsinfo@sandia.gov

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