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MEMS Network Validation Process

Contact drt@drc.sandia.gov regarding technical issues encountered during the network validation process. This validation process must be successfully completed between February 1- February 29.

Step 1

Download a network access request form then fax the completed form to Stephanie Johnson at (505) 844-2081. For security purposes we ask each designated super user to contact memsinfo@sandia.gov with contact information including the date and time the request form was faxed. The super user will receive a username and password within five business days.

NOTE: The designated superuser will need the assigned username and password to download the Version 2.2.6 tool upgrade package, to run the design rule checker, and to upload the final design submission package.

Step 2

Verify that you are using Version 2.2.6 of the MEMS tools. If needed, please download and install the Version 2.2.6 MEMS tool upgrade package.

Step 3

Download following AutoCAD file: test_module.zip. (In Internet Explorer: Right-click on the link and select Save Target As...)

Step 4

Open the test module file and follow the instructions written on the construction layer.  Run the Design Rule Checker tool selecting all rules and use advisories within this file. Load the DRC results and save the modified AutoCAD file as universityinitials_test_module.dwg (e.g. USU_test_module.dwg)

Note: The test module contains design rule errors and advisory violations that have been purposely introduced into the design. The DRC test results will enable Sandia to verify the Version 2.2.6 tools are correctly installed and the design rule checker is operating optimally for each competitor.

Step 5

Submit the test module containing the DRC results using the Design Submission Package link. Please familiarize yourself with the Design Submission Checklist found at this site.

Step 6

After SNL receives the test module, the superuser will receive a confirmation email from drt@drc.sandia.gov.


Contact MEMS at Sandia: memsinfo@sandia.gov

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