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Sandia National Laboratories - University Alliance UA661 Module Description

UA661 Thermally Actuated Bimodal Latch MMPOLY 1 & 2 Resonators Thermal Actuator with Restoring Spring Force MMPOLY 3 Resonators MMPOLY 4 Resonators MMPOLY 1 & 2 Variable Length Cantilevers Contact Resistance Etch Undercut Structures Split-Cross Bridge (P3 Sheet Resistance) MEMS "Pull Tab" Tensile Strength Torsional Ratcheting Actuator with Braking System Linear Comb Drive MicroEngine Nitride Etch Undercut

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This resource is provided to the Sandia National Laboratories University Alliance Partners for educational use only.  The following devices are found on the UA05D1 and D2 Modules (die).  This initial documentation set  is a work in progress and includes information on the selected linked devices below.  Revisions of this documentation will be provided and periodically announced to the University Alliance members.

For Questions on Testing and Design of these devices - we encourage you to contact



In addition to these brief descriptions, additional detailed information can be found within the virtual reference library provided as well as through the links.  This library will become more populated in future revisions.


Contact MEMS at Sandia: memsinfo@sandia.gov

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