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University Alliance (UA) Program


Interested in supplementing your MEMS curriculum with Sandia's SUMMiT™ technology? Consider the University Alliance (UA) Program.

Program features:

  • Offers maximum exposure to SUMMiT™ technology.
  • Uses Sandia's MEMS design tools in degree-level MEMS curriculums.
  • Leverages components of the SAMPLES™ Program, including:
    • Educational short courses.
    • Shrink-wrapped software tools for design, visualization, and modeling of SUMMiT™ MEMS devices.
  • Trains a university Superuser, establishing a SUMMiT™ technology and design expert at your institution.
  • UA members will receive released parts.

The program is both efficient and cost-effective.

The 2004 Emerging Technology Programs for Texas Colleges has said "design technicians will have to be familiar with MEMS design rules, the most prominent of which is Sandia National Laboratories' SUMMiT design program, which teaches Sandia's Surface Micromachining Process and Design Technology. Colleges that participate in the Sandia University Alliance Program have access through AutoCAD to the Sandia-developed MEMS design package, design rules, and checkers. Students who graduate from the program have training in a widely-recognized MEMS design package and are employable as MEMS design technicians."

Sandia Motivation

Advanced technologies in the micro and nano domain will play a key role in Sandia's national security mission. A highly competent workforce experienced in science and engineering at this micro/nano scale is paramount to supporting this mission.

To enable Sandia's mission in microtechnology, it has two significant initiatives:


The MESA complex is the cornerstone of Sandia's initiative to address the need for microelectronics and integrated microsystems.

Although these facilities will help Sandia and DOE attract and retain the Nation's best talent, Sandia recognizes the need to be pro-active in "training" and attracting the next generation workforce. The University Alliance Initiative supports top-down microsystems education utilizing a cost effective, turn-key program while building relationships with US students and professors.


The information provided on this site is intended only as an overview of the Sandia MEMS University Alliance, and shall not be construed as an offer or binding agreement. Specific, binding terms and conditions are listed in the formal license agreement available from Sandia National Laboratories.


Contact MEMS at Sandia: memsinfo@sandia.gov

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