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Sandia MEMS Visualization Tools 2.2.5

Summit 2D Process Visualizer is a CAD tool. By generating accurate 2D cross sections, a SUMMiT MEMS designer can visualize the results of applying the process sequence to a mask set. The Visualizer extracts the 2D mask layer geometry from an AutoCAD design file through an interactive user interface and constructs a list of polygon edge-crossings.


  • The SUMMiT V fabrication sequence is reduced to a limited set of process step types to simplify the process simulation.
  • Models for each of the steps are applied sequentially to the list of polygon edge-crossings.
  • The Visualizer users a uniformly gridded model space at a finite resolution.
  • OpenGL graphics display the results within the Windows NT environment.
  • Window controls allow the designer to manipulate the view and step through the process views both forward and backward. Other controls allow the queries of the design space to determine the material type and feature size.
A SEM of a
Transmission Gear
A 2D model of a
Transmission Gear

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by James J. Allen

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