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Price List

Cost Subject to Change without Notice


MEMS Courses

Designing for the SUMMiT V Process using AutoCAD
Includes course CD  

MEMS Software Tools

Sandia MEMS Design Tool Suite
Includes the following: Sandia Advanced MEMS Design Tools, 2D Process Visualizer, 3D Visualizer, 3D Modeler Generator, Standard Components Library


SUMMIT V Agile Prototyping, US Institutions (200 unreleased modules)
$17,200/design Module
SUMMIT V Agile Prototyping, Non-US Institutions
$Case by Case
(shared reticle) Partnering available for qualifying organizations. Please contact memsinfo@sandia.gov for information.
*Discount available for additional module(s) purchased on same fabrication run
HF Release & Dry - One Batch (approximately 50 modules)
Release service includes supercritical drying (CO2)
VSAMS Coating
$400/batch (approx. 50 die)
Custom post processing
$Case by Case

MEMS Packaging

Parts designed with standard pad frames, Aluminum Metal and packaged in 24-pin or 48-pin DIP packages
Double or Single SUMMiT Module
Packaging Set up Fee (includes cost of 30 packaged parts)
___Quartz Lids, taped-on (10 part minimum)
___Quartz Lids, sealed (10 part minimum)
Custom packages
$Case by Case

MEMS Testing

Testing $2000/day
Super µDriver and Amplifier Design CD
License through TEGAM 

Additional Service/Technical Support

Custom Design/Design Consulting
$Case by Case
Limited Production
$Case by Case
Custom Development
$Case by Case

Note: Prices are subject to change. Check this site for current pricing. As a National Laboratory, Sandia strives to ensure that all participants have equal opportunities to realize the unique benefits available through our technology programs. We must recover the actual cost of performing work for clients, but do not charge for the research and development programs that produced the technology.

Contact MEMS at Sandia: memsinfo@sandia.gov

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MEMS Bibliography

MEMS Bibliography
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