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Designing for the SUMMiT V Process using AutoCAD

The Designing for the SUMMiT V Process using AutoCAD Short Course equips participants to successfully design MEMS devices to be fabricated in the SUMMiT™ Process. The course also includes discussions of analysis tools and strategies, specific device and component design, fabrication process issues related to design, and issues related to back-end processes such as release etch and packaging.

During the structured portion, presentations and workshops guide the attendees in designing increasingly complex devices. Attendees have the opportunity to discuss design ideas or designs currently in progress.

Prerequisite: Some experience with AutoCAD software, and an interest in designing MEMS devices for the SUMMiT™ Process.

The following are topics covered during the course:

  • Introduction and SUMMiT V Process and Fabrication Concepts Review
  • Review of AutoCAD Basics
  • 2D Process Visualizer
  • Basic MEMS Design
  • 3D Modeler & Visualizer
  • MEMS Design Analysis
  • Standard Parts Toolbox and Design Using Standard Parts
  • Reproducibility Data on SUMMiT V Process
  • Design Rules and DRC
  • Design Using All Mechanical Layers
  • Dynamic MEMS Design

The short course includes six hands-on design workshops interspersed with the presentations so that participants can immediately apply the design concepts.



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