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Rotating Stages

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The video shows micromirrors that are erected on a rotating stage.  A torsional ratchting actuator (TRA) and a gear transmission are used to turn the stage.  The angled mirrors reflect a green LED that is positioned to reflect light into a video camera.

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Short Stage

In this video clip a 16 mg solder ball that hangs over the edge of the stage had been placed on top.  The actuators are still able to rotate the stage with the large (for MEMS) additional load and friction.

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Plate Gyro

This video shows a capacitively coupled MEMS rotating stage with an on-board accelerometer.  A thermally actuated ratchet rotates the stage in precise increments utilizing a 7 V square wave signal.


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Plate Gyro with Si

A small silicon part has been placed on top of the rotating stage in this expanded view video.  The two thermal actuators can be seen ratcheting the stage through a few degrees of rotation.   


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Plate Gyro with Solder Ball

In this video a 2 mg solder ball has been placed on the stage.  The actuators have no problem rotating the stage with the added weight and resulting friction.


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