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Bugs on MEMS

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World's Smallest Mite-Go-Round
Quicktime (227K)
AVI (353K)

World's Smallest Mite-Go-Round

Two dust mites taking a spin atop an optical shutter running at low speed. The mites' limbs are flailing due to the slickness of the silicon wafer.

Aphid on Micromirror
Quicktime (166K)
AVI (313K)

Aphid on Micromirror

This aphid (considerably larger than the dust mites) crosses a micromirror, catching his feet on suspension springs as he travels. Note the mirror still operates after being bug-stomped.

Spider Mite Crossing Large Gear
Quicktime (62K)
AVI (171K)

Spider Mite Crossing Large Gear

This spider mite is on construction duty; as he crosses the large wheel, he leaves a gear guide for future assembly. Silly bug – doesn't he know that these systems are batch fabricated and no assembly is required?!

Spider Mite Riding Large Wheel
Quicktime (259K)
AVI (432K)

Spider Mite Riding Large Wheel

This spider mite decides to ride the large wheel as it reverses directions.

Spider Mite Test
Quicktime (289K)
AVI (658K)

Spider Mite Test

This micromirror continues to be operational even after being tested by the spider mite.

High Speed, Low Drag
Quicktime (141K)
AVI (377K)

High Speed, Low Drag

This clip shows that Sandia MEMS motors can rotate large wheels and drive a substantial load (the spider mite), all at very high speeds. Future wheels may include spider mite handrails.

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