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MEMS Integration and Packaging

Sandia develops innovative microsystem integration solutions to support Sandia's National Security Mission and its Strategic Business Units.

The Advanced Micro- systems Packaging organization develops technologies that support the delivery of integrated microsystems to a diverse customer base with components from Sandia's microsystems organizations and commercial suppliers.

Our activities involve

  • research
  • development
  • deliveryof new packaging technologies required to integrate a diverse set of components

Components include

  • micromachines
  • advanced photonics
  • microsensors
  • rf devices
  • analog and digital integrated circuits

Our six major thrust areas are listed below.

  • 3D Packaging
  • MEMS Packaging
  • Thermal Management & Microfluidic Technologies
  • Advanced MCM Technology
  • COTS/PEMS Reliability
  • Rapid Hybrid Prototyping

It is critical for Sandia to develop ways of integrating these dissimilar technologies to deliver microsystems needed for our mission of national security.

3D Packaging

High capability, small volume packaging solutions are necessary to microsystems.

3D MEMS Packaging
Diagram illustrating the 32 layer 3-D package
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MEMS Packaging

Advanced packaging integrates MEMS into microsystems.

Packaged Microsystem
Packaged Microsystem

Thermal Management

We apply thermal management through passive and active cooling technologies for high power, low volume applications.

Model of Thermal Activity
Model of thermal activity

Advanced MCM Technology

Advanced MCM Technology integrates high density interconnection for maximum performance in multi-chip modules.

Active cooling built into MCM technology
Active cooling built into MCM technology

COTS/PEMS Reliability

A challenge we face is determining the reliability and risks associated with using commercial-off-the-shelf, plastic-encapsulated microelectronics.


Rapid Hybrid Prototyping

We provide packaging solutions from prototyping to WR-certification for a wide range of products.

Packaged Microsystem
Packaged Microsystem

Contact MEMS at Sandia: memsinfo@sandia.gov

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