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Sandia designs, develops, builds and delivers highly sensitive, reliable micro and nano-scale optical solutions across electromechanical and biological domains for physical sensing and optical signal processing in national security applications.

We use microfabrication techniques to create novel approaches and methodologies for micro and nano-scale optical sensing and control. We utilize these approaches alongside proven opto-electro-mechanical techniques to push performance limits in displacement and acceleration sensing, optical wavefront control and beam shaping. We apply these capabilities with system level input to build high performance, reliable, integrated systems such as inertial and acoustic sensors, high speed optical switches and modulators, adaptive optics systems, micro-spectrometers, integrated optical circuits and on-chip fluorescence-based sensors for microfluidic systems; with strong ties to national security applications.

MEMS Optical Microphone

Optical MEMS microphone arrays offer extreme fidelity to size ratio. Owing to the precision of micromachining technology, the elements in these arrays have precisely matched dynamic frequency response. This combination makes the technology ideal for integration with advanced signal processing algorithms for directional sensing and source localization using sub cm 2 aperture systems.

Nano-grating based Low-G inertial sensor

The goal is acceleration sensing in the nanoG scale (~10 -9 m/s 2 ) This would mean a system-based approach to enable continued advancement of inertial sensor research in applications including geolocation, seismology and navigation.


Nanophotonic Optical Transducers for displacement Sensing

Sub-wavelength grating structures are coupled in the near field. As a result very small changes in lateral displacement are detectable as changes in optical reflectance. This affect was first predicted and observed at Sandia Labs. Practical designs are being implemented to realize a new class of highly sensitive accelerometer devices



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