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BioMEMS / µFluidics

Sensing anything, anytime, anywhere at multiple scales.

Sandia conducts targeted research and delivers unique fluidic components that may bridge scales and enable system solutions to important national security problems.

Bridging scales means bringing the world of the very small to the very large. We work on creating devices that allow sensing and processing of liquid and gases over many time and volume scales. For example, we show in the figures a system that may allow large samples to be handled and processed in microchannel devices that are made in sheet and rolled or stacked. In the second figure we are showing a component of one of our technologies that separates nucleic acids by size. The technologies in the two pictures are inherently compatible.

Measured analyte concentration valid over 10-orders of magnitude.

High Flow Concentrator

Cross-section of High-Flow Concentrator

Trapping and release of nucleic acid bolus was demonstrated.

Capture and release of nucleic acid bolus. Released of electrodes (white arrow) integrated into a microfluidic device (25 nl/min flowrate). DNA is released when voltage is 0. Samples provided by W. Ian Lipkin Lab at Columbia.

Measured analyte concentration valid over 10-orders of magnitude.


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