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Integrated µElectroMechanical Technologies

Sandia develops electro-mechanical devices from concept through delivery for our national security partners


A integrated MEMS ­ electronics, three axis accelerometer, fabricated in the Sandia MEMS first process.

A vibratory gyroscope fabricated in Sandia MEMS first process which enables MEMS and electronics to be fabricated on the same die.

A vertical mirror erected on an rotary indexing stage. The vertical mirror is held in place via hinges and snap springs.

Torsional Ratcheting Actuator A high torque rotary electrostatic actuator

AutoCAD layout shown superimposed on optical image of device. ­ P4 shadow mask required for contact metallization.
Applications include relays, single-bit non-volatile memory storage and TTL output.

Upper polysilicon layer used as a shadow mask for metal deposition. All traces and bond pads are self-shadowed. Allows the use of any metal that can be evaporated.

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